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CBSAE Development Project

A Project entitled “Capacity Building, Skilling, Agro-Enterprises and Entrepreneurship Development Project" in the Mineral Bearing Districts of Odisha has been conceived by Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT), the inimitable farm University of the state.

It is envisaged to carry out capacity building of stakeholders viz. farmers, rural youths, SHGs, FPOs, public extension functionaries, agri-entrepreneurs and other stakeholders. These activities will support establishment of agro-enterprise models and agri-processing units in KVKs and commodity specific, ‘centre of excellence’ at RRTTS. Further, it is also intended to demonstrate the technologically viable farming models and related agro- enterprises in the farmers‟ field of selected villages in a cluster approach. In order to support capacity building and popularize replicable models in the mineral bearing districts; the project plans to build institutional infrastructure, for setting up an ecosystem in the 7 mineral rich districts viz. Dhenkanal, Jajpur, Sundargarh, Mayurbhanj, Jharsuguda, Deogarh and Keonjhar. The project would be implemented through the College of Agriculture, Bhubaneswar; College of Horticulture, Chiplima; 9 Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs), 3 Regional Research and Transfer of Technology Stations (RRTTSs) and 5 Agro-Polytechnic Centres (APCs) of OUAT.

By strengthening the agri-knowledge ecosystem in the 7 mineral bearing districts through capacity building and replicable agro-enterprise models; the project will act as an ‟engine of growth‟ for the agriculture and allied sector in general and socio-economic development of the farmers/ region in particular. The key principles of project interventions will be building the capacity of stakeholders especially farmers, rural youth, SHGs & FPOs to access front-line technologies in pursing agro-enterprises on a commercial scale. A novel approach has been conceived to impart skill to the rural youths and hand-hold them to develop them as entrepreneurs.

Adoption of technologies and their dissemination needs capacity building of the farmers, extension workers and other stakeholders associated with farming. To-days‟ farming needs to be profitable besides being productive and environmentally sustainable. The farmers should be converted as entrepreneurs, may be through Self-help groups, farmers producers‟ organizations or any other modes. The youth need to be brought to the main stream farming activities and entrepreneurship. The present project is proposed with the following objectives to be executed in the mining districts of Odisha.


  • Capacity building of farmers, SHGs, FPOs, agri-entrepreneurs, public extension workers and other stakeholders in the mineral bearing districts of Odisha.
  • Impart skill, capacity building, incubation and entrepreneurship to rural youths through one-year certificate course.
  • Creation and strengthening of infrastructure at 9 KVKs, 3 RRTTSs, 5 Agro- polytechnics, 2 Colleges, and University headquarters for training, skilling and entrepreneurial activities.
  • Development of “Agro-Enterprise Units” at KVKs and commodity specific “Centre of Excellence” at RRTTS/S.


In order to achieve the target of production and productivity in the state of Odisha and profitability and income of farmers Odisha, the land under agriculture needs to be maintained well, the capacity of the farmers be improved and the produce of the farmers need to find proper marketing. The available technologies should be transferred to the farmers. In agriculture, it is always seeing is believing for the farmers to adopt the technologies. Development of model farming clusters for agriculture and allied sector will help the farmers and developmental agencies to transfer the location-specific relevant technologies to the farmers.